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“Infancy is a vulnerable stage of development; therefore, it’s not enough that babies receive good care. The care must be excellent.”

~ Magda Gerber


Working one-on-one with expectant parents and new parents, getting to know your baby in an authentic and respectful way. Parenting is a daunting task! Make parenting easier with Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach.

I do private consultations for Before-Baby™ and Nurturing Nanny™, or any other topic you’d like to focus on.

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Slowing down has helped us to remain present, which opens us up to the joy of truly connecting with our daughter.
Simone Rubin
This approach has enhanced our relationship with our child by giving her the freedom to express herself in a secure and respectful environment. It has given us the confidence to encourage her development at her own pace, in her own time, while minimizing interference from us. Our classes with Jill have inspired countless discussions about raising our child with intention, with thoughtfulness, and above all, with respect.
Simone Rubin
RIE’s approach has profoundly changed my relationship with my son in so many beautiful ways! By treating him with respect and slowing down to his pace makes every interaction easier and fun without feeling like a burden. Through observation and paying closer attention, I have learned so much more about him and I am amazed daily by how he discovers the world.
Courtney Grueschow

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